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Exclusive YBAA discount on .boats and .yachts domain names!

YBAA is pleased to offer you our newest member benefit: discounted .boats and .yachts domain names, brought to you by our newest Affiliate Member and YBAA Admiral Sponsor, Dominion Domains.

Don’t Think You’re At Risk, Think Again!

An “As-Is” clause does not mean that a buyer assumes all risk, but you probably already know that. However, there are many situations that can leave a broker, well… broker! Sometimes it takes the form of a lawsuit, sometimes of bad publicity or a negative reputation, and sometimes a bit of both. After all, a broker’s responsibility is not really over just because the paperwork is done. In many states, proof of fraud, negligent misrepresentation, or unfair acts override the as-is clause putting the liability back on the broker despite a contract that suggests otherwise.

What’s in a Domain Name?

Maybe you’ve heard of or visited a website that uses a new .boats or .yachts domain name. Consider for example, who transitioned to their new TLD name in 2017. Other companies have started to follow suit, including Sea Ray and Bass Pro Shop, who have purchased a combined 66 new .boats and .yachts domain names. What’s the story behind these names? Why are these new URLs something your business should consider?

What GDPR Means to Marine Industry Businesses

In recent months, you’ve probably received communication from some of your favorite websites or entertainment apps such as Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon Prime or Verizon. These communications have been prompted by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Many businesses in the U.S. assume that GDPR doesn't apply to them since it's a European-based regulation.

Don’t think you need to be a CPYB?

Not sure why you need to be a Certified Professional Yacht Broker? Consider this for a moment. Would you go to a physician who was not an MD or DO? How about a Dentist who was not a DDS or DMD? An accountant who was not a CPA? A nurse who was not an LPN or RN? A lawyer who was not a JD? A professor who was not a PhD? You get the picture; these are all professions where a demonstrated level of competence is required in order to practice. The CPYB designation is intended to show the public, others in the industry and your peers that you too are a professional in your chosen field and that you are committed to a continuing education program.

Luxury Law Group Partners with Yacht Brokers Association of America

Luxury Law Group, is pleased to announce its partnership with the Yacht Brokers Association of America (YBAA) and sponsorship of their Certified Professional Yacht Broker program (CPYB). Awarded only to the most qualified brokers, CPYB certification is the boating industry’s brand of excellence for yacht sales professionals throughout the United States and Canada.

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Reach the leaders in the boating industry through these advertising options. YBAA members can advertise on the YBAA Website and in the monthly Yacht Broker e-News. The e-newsletter reaches over 2400 industry contacts in North America and the world. Consider placing your company logo on the YBAA website for all members and visitors to see on each page. It's an investment that will create new opportunities in 2018 and beyond.