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5 Tips to Jump-Start Sales in 2022

By: Terri Murphy

It’s a new year and time to ramp up. Some agents completed their business plans months ago and are alreadyArticle 3 Image focused on having a profitable year. However, it’s never too late to develop a plan to keep you on track. If you fell short of your goals last year, here are five strategies to help you reach your goals in 2022:

Think strategy first. The key to successful execution of any plan is to have a strong enough reason to stay focused and get it done. Consider where you see your business in six months, one year and then three to five years. With both short- and long-term vision, you can develop the steps to get you there.

Big dreams need a plan. Dreams are great, but identifying where you need help is a critical component to transforming those dreams into dollars. A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses. No one is great at everything, so figure out what your strengths are and delegate or outsource those tasks that cause stress and take you away from dollar-productive activities.

Block out your calendar. What gets on your schedule is more likely to get done, so focus your attention on time blocking. Entrepreneurs worldwide all suffer from a similar malady: staying focused. Top performers know that there are some simple habits that when executed daily produce massive results. Track your activities every day for a week to identify where you are spending time on activities that don’t produce revenue. Next, schedule one hour of prospecting daily, and block out time to work “on” your business instead of just “in” your business. Become aware of the time wasters and create life-enriching habits that design the life you envision.

Systems equal success. You need systems to stay front of mind with your prospects and build engagement. Each lead should be prioritized in terms of timeliness and motivation. Use a comprehensive CRM (client relationship management) program to handle communications with relevant, personalized information until a prospect is ready for your services.

Get an accountability partner or coach. Top performers know that they can’t always “see” their deficiencies, so they work with a coach to identify their weaknesses and learn to focus on dollar-producing activities. A good coach will help advance skills like negotiating, time management, communication and creating online market differentiation.

If you don’t have a plan, you will find yourself reacting instead of responding. Follow these five tips to help you focus on dollar-productive activities every day.

Terri Murphy is a communication engagement specialist, author, TED Talk speaker, consultant and master coach with Workman Success Systems. She is the author of five books and the founder of the Women’s Wisdom Network on Facebook. For more information, email

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