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CT Spring Boat Show Update

Essex Island Marina

Progress Report: The short story is that we now have a very positive outlook for the Show and you should plan accordingly. 

After consultation with CT State officials and last week's announcements from the Governor, we are looking at 50% "capacity" allowance by the first day of our 2021 Show, Friday, April 30th. This of course is a projection, based on what the Governor said last Thursday as well as today and will be subject to change if necessary. We will proceed under all State of Connecticut and Town of Essex guidelines as they are brought forth or modified. 

What does this mean for us? 

Capacity:  If the capacity rules for an outdoor "fair" (this is the category we fall into per the State) are at 50%, we do not anticipate significant changes in our size to years past. However, we will be taking the following steps to ensure more separation of visitors and exhibitors and we have the ability to limit attendance if need be.

Ticketing: In order to forecast and limit crowds if necessary, we will be setting up an online advance ticketing system. Once again, SailsUp4Cancer will be the charity partner and will be helping staff the event. 

Show Layout: As the Show has grown from a boutique to a mid-sized boat show, we increasingly tried to keep the flow of traffic focused on the east side of the property, This meant that shore side exhibitors were set up on the lawn near the dock house and in-water was primarily A, B, and C docks which are all on the east side.

This year, we will spread things out, taking advantage of the beautiful property that is SHM Essex Island. Shoreside exhibits will be spread along "the boardwalk" so to speak, wrapping around from the ferry dock to the northeastern side by C. In water boats will also be spread out much more so than in the past to avoid crowds building up on any one dock.

Application and Contract: These are available on request. As has always been the case, we have tried to place exhibitors based on the timing of their commitment (submitted contract with deposit) as well as the physical limitations of fitting everyone in. This year, that will be even more important. We will serve first to come as much as possible.

Marketing: Details of the Show marketing plan and opportunities for you will be sent out later this week. It will involve web, print and PR opportunities.

However, everyone should submit their marketing assets (logos, a paragraph of "About Us" copy, product details, etc) when you confirm so that we can promote your participation.

Lastly, don't forget that The Griswold Inn kindly offers 20% off accommodations during the Show.

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